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I feel like I could eat the world raw.
his mouth is heaven
I literally just freaked becuz I realized I couldn't find your blog on my follows lost I thought you died or something >.<


omg no i am here!! i am v much alive 

*after working for hours on graphic* wow im actually really proud of this

*sees someone elses edit*


halycyclon replied to your post: ok ya lucy is great and all with progr…

Also there’s one point where the Parisian officer says verryy condescendingly “do you speak English?” in a very mocking way to the head Korean mafia guy (also there’s only one female character with more than 5 minutes of screentime)

ya ugh its like we take one step forward and two steps back 

ok ya lucy is great and all with progress on female leads, but lets not overlook the fact that in the film shes killing a bunch of poc 

*bows* i attempted reading anna karenina once but then i got super confused with the names especially since i believe her husband and lover had similar names??? but yeah i red cliff notes and man the plot for that novel escalates quickly...

— Anonymous

they actually had the same name!!! but the book made me really sad?? like on one side i thought it was wrong of anna to enter into an affair but like i could also see how she was in such a loveless marriage and how she craved more and then when her relationship with vronsky starts failing and i dunno it just made me feel awful and i just felt terrible for her and then the end //////:

i liked konstantin like i kinda connected more with him and he was actually a character i admired more tho!!

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